I know I’m a little late on commenting on the Stephanie Grace controversy but here I go anyway….

Do I think she is horribly misguided & ignorant about the intelligence of fellow human beings? Absolutely.

Do I think she was spot on when she said that no subject is off limits in the realm of academia? Absolutely.

We are far too quick to reduce education to a memorize & repeat system rather than one of development & engagement. It’s why most of us no longer retain the knowledge we learned in our youth – it stayed outside of us – knowledge was something ‘other.’ It did not become a free flowing part of us or an exchange of energy among those in our environment.

It was something we took in, regurgitated & then shed like the oppressively ugly winter coats our mothers forced us to wear. We were glad to be done with it, not grateful that we had it.

Every bit of knowledge is applicable to our lives. The ‘Am I really going to use this later?’ mindset is totally erroneous. We will, or should, apply all of it in some form or another to our daily lives. People wondered why I was so passionate about Physics as a teen (you know, besides the fact that ‘physics is phun’) – Physics is about the world in which we live. We deal with it every day. Those theories & proofs affect me when 24 hours of my life & yours too. If it wasn’t for all of the philosophers asking those questions, exploring, theorizing about how things came to be & applying the scientific method we might still believe that the world exists on the back of a turtle.

Keep in mind here people, I am a woman of faith, but I’m also a realist. What kind of faith is irrelevant & always will be on the blog of this woman who’s spent most of her life studying religious anthropology.

(by the way, if there are any hot physicists out there, send me your picture)

Stephanie Grace, however misguided she may be is asking questions. She’s engaging her world. She’s thinking.

By sending that email & attempting to impart her knowledge on others, she’s opened up a platform for the rest of us to engage her in a discussion about how intelligence & upper class white people don’t have an exclusive contract.

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