Mother Earth & mixed metaphors

Once I had a daughter
Eyes like the Morning Star
Not like mine evening sun

the fire of her mother’s evening
quiet calculated like her father’s Morning.

She came to me small and imperfect

She smoldered like a low blue flame
Tended, warmed, cradled, nurtured like soil to a seed
she grew
in the branches of my sunset sky

Once I had a daughter
Filled up on red & gold, hitched up her flame
fusing the morning into evening.
Grand & perfect
So grand
So perfect
So precious
that my sunlight sky branches bent for her
only for her.
As they twisted into her afternoon
the morning became jealous and dangerous
Breakage & twisted directions became irrelevant.
I gnarled myself to block a starlit Morning
to nurture an imperfect flame


Once I had a daughter
and our afternoon & evening leafy clouds carried secrets
only we knew
into the dusk.

Leaves that pulsed kelly green and fell onto cool bridges at midnight
whispering of the infinite horizons
branching out to somewhere
billowing out to somewhere
somewhere we did not know
somewhere we did not care

Leaves that glittered golden at the hour the army wakes from it’s sleep
glowing at our command
rooting our memories
in strength and courage

Leaves that burned red sheltering us from the kidnappers and thieves
that chased us into Morning’s dawn.
Leaves and light twined
into a Graceful shield
from the pretense of a dull green earth
A Weapon from the sword like light
that emanated from a jealous father
But his harsh starlight and a wife’s guilt
crackled my sunset bark
my leaves ceased to glitter at three after midnight
And I uprooted
becoming a small gnarled imperfect watchtower

the afternoon no longer sheltered
the low blue flame no longer nurtured

Once I had a daughter
A grand and perfect afternoon child
who began to burn for me
like a watchlight
in my dusky muddled evening sky

Our leafy clouds carried her message
that our branches would not fall
that our lights would not travel into darkness
or fall by the morning’s sword

we were rooted in
unconditional infinity
But still I eroded
no longer bending and twisting
for the afternoon
And then I twisted
lost from hope
petrified by morning’s light and a three after midnight army
I trusted a dark salty sea with our sky
The salty sea rolled back
leaving only a dark error
Erosion already begun
I disintegrated faster than I could regrow
my sunset branches
Once I had a daughter

who undone by a mother’s mistake
a wormtongued wind
and a dark salty sea

from our billowing branches
from horizon
from infinity
from promise
from history
from hope
from her rooted sky
Our sunlight roots an irrelevant past
our somewheres a hopeless future

The dull green earth a trait
the Evening Sky an error
Once I had a daughter
who crept away
from my gnarled branches
shunning her afternoon light
and as she traveled into a dull green earth
she said
with the hardness of a morning star
Never roots
Never infinity
Never growth
Just ruination
Just pretense
Just hopeless
Once I was a mother
Loved and cherished
an evening sky lit with warmth and safety
Leafy clouds carrying infinity into the afternoon
there and back again
dusted dark
branch withered
bark crumbled
leafy clouds whisper a false infinity
and fall from an empty womb
lit only
by a jealous Morning light

*Image credit Stephanie Pui-Mun Law



  1. This is fantastic and made me cry. Love you and I hope the individual this is meant for reads it.

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