My roots battle like leaves against Katrina
a hopeless attempt to not fall
to not uproot

A sacred city that mapped a body
A sacred city that mapped a woman
A sacred city drowned by a storm of disdain
A sacred city abandoned by its only love
A sacred city forsaken by its greatest love

An uprooted and leafless tree
watches its cherished fruit
dance carelessly on its watery grave.

For it is not the storm that bears the brunt of its violence
of its torrid winds or its sheets of falling glass
of its band of silence amidst the wallows

A pious city, any city
Would have held strong against the raging storms

The drowned city with its uprooted trees
watches the mass exodus of its greatest loves
map themselves out of the crescent moon on interstate 10
Hurry before the bridge falls
Hurry and wash your hands
Like a modern Pilate humming in Jackson Square

Wash your hands and walk away
Hurry before Katrina catches you too.

Love and lessons are taught through silence
through judgment
through shameuprooted
through cameras, telephones, emails, lurid conversations
and righteous indignation

Compassion must belong to a false god.

If those roots could only hold
if those roots could only provide shelter
For all those that it was once intertwined
If these roots could only hide the sinner inside

Travel faster on interstate 10
speed before the bridge collapses
speed before her gardenia scented spirit
makes you believe you should stay
flee before her night blooming magnolias
catch you in her voodoo


Flee and leave a drowned woman mapped
only by crawfish and cockroaches
buried under her own sinfilled branches

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