Liquor Books

Because I cannot sleep I am being productive & doing a bit of cleaning.
I have a bunch of old liquors that my parents gave to me & some of the fruit infused ones have expired so I’m cleaning them out and repurposing them as book ends.

I actually had this idea when I finished my bottle of Double Cross Vodka last week.

I have been on a mad search for attractive but affordable book ends. Apparently, such things do not exist. So as I was lamenting my vodka outage I had a brilliant idea: I’d fill the bottle with glass gems to make the bottle sturdier & then it would become a unique book end.

I knew I wanted to keep the Double Cross bottle because the shape is awesome & it has slavic poetry scrawled all over it. I wanted to place it somewhere in my home that would showcase it but I didn’t know exactly what to do with it. Wherever it went it had to make sense with my decor and it couldn’t look too arbitrary – then the idea came to me.

You can buy glass gems almost anywhere & they come in a variety of colors. Whatever you do, don’t spend a lot on them. Sometimes Target has them in their $5 deal section. Unfortunately, some stores will charge you $20 or $30 for the gems. I can’t imagine they are really worth that much, so do some sleuthing before you purchase them. Also, don’t be too attached to the color of the gems you’re buying. Some of the liquor bottles I’ll be using are colored glass so the shade of the gem is inconsequential. It will add extra luminosity when light hits the bottles but the color itself won’t matter much.

My bottles are drying out overnight and tomorrow I’ll set up my bookshelves with completely unexpected book ends.

Hopefully no one will think I’m a lush. I hardly drink and when I do, it’s mostly vodka – I’m slavic, it’s in my blood.

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