I once considered myself a huntress.

It’s why I studied archaeology. Hunting for history, hunting for reasons why things are the way they are – why humanity is the way it is, why I am the way I am.

That’s what I mostly hunted for. Myself.

It’s why I write, it’s why I teach yoga.

I don’t hunt people or animals. I hunt architecture. Examining structures – bones – the things that make us.

I stopped hunting it got dangerous. The things you uncover about yourself can be dangerous. The things you uncover about others can be dangerous to your relationships if they fear the hunt.

Hunting oneself is only dangerous if you fear the hunt. That’s when you fear the hunter.

That’s when you fear yourself.

But you are stuck with you – alive or dead. You are all you’ve got. If you shun that you shun heaven and then you’re hollow, not hallow.

That’s when you truly lose. The greatest loss isn’t the loss of others. It’s the loss of the self.

It’s time to hunt again.

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