Fastest Way to End a Marriage

Ideeli’s latest offerings are geared toward brides. The idea makes sense, but I really must question who edited this latest batch of ‘New Home Must-Haves.’

I’m not sure what to say about these goblets.
Mostly, I’m stuck on blankly staring at this image in disbelief.
I hope you have adoption plans because I can’t think of any faster way to ruin sexual interest.
What am I saying? If you excitedly purchase these goblets from Mikasa you have no idea what sex is because you are 12 and think holding hands is how you make babies.

Did I say 12?
I’m sorry. I meant 5 & little birds help you get dressed in the morning.
I’m giving this to my best friend Barbie when she & Ken move into their Dream House.
Seriously, Ideeli?
A diamond ring shaped tea light holder?
You’re really just screwing with all of us now, aren’t you?
I’m sure you’re expecting some riveting commentary but what’s the point? Sometimes, diatribes are completely unnecessary.
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