Who-Nite – I’m making perfect sense, you’re just not keeping up.

Tonight is the long awaited return of Doctor Who. Nerds everywhere are suddenly becoming less nerdy as the world falls in love with the megalomaniac Time Lord who can’t stop fiddling with his screwdriver.

Until very recently, I was not a particular fan of the Matt Smith incarnation. Granted, I was willing to accept that this was because David Tennant is MY Doctor. We all have our Doctors. Tennant is mine, though I’m surprised that it’s not Eccleston because I have a super crush on the actor.
Last season was quite horrible for me at points because I disliked the Eleventh Doctor so much. The past 2 weeks I’ve been re-watching the series and I’ve found my way into the Eleven’s psyche.
As much as people love to debate whether or not the Doctor was in love with Rose, it’s a pointless debate. He was. He says it, more than once. In Midnight, by far the creepiest episode ever (by far the creepiest episode ever), Ten is chatting it up with Sky who’s lamenting that the love of her life went to another galaxy and Ten says “Mine went to another Universe.”
And dudes, Bad Wolf Bay.
The End. Give it up peeps. Who & Rose 4eva.
Well, at least 10.5 and Rose forever and that makes both of Ten’s hearts go all shattery. Like Rose says ‘He’s not you’ and he’s not. It’s why Ten isn’t the one to say ‘I love you’ because he knows he has to walk away.
I’m going to interject & say I feel bad for 10.5. After he & Rose have their kissie face moment she runs after Ten because he’s HER Doctor. Oh well, at least the name is the same so she’ll avoid any awkwardness in the bedroom. And I’m sure Rose knows his name by now…. I wonder if he calls her Bad Wolf instead of Babe or Honey…. that would be right cute.
So, Ten loses the woman he’s in love with to himself – major head-frak there. Then… OMG – Doctor Donna! If he had a third heart that would have gone all shattery at the loss of Donna and how he had to erase her memory. As much as he was in love with Rose, I don’t think she ever understood him the way Donna did, obviously not in the end. If Donna had been able to remain Doctor Donna then he wouldn’t have been alone anymore.
Ohhh jeez, the loss of Doctor Donna breaks my heart more than the Ten-Rose-Ten.5 business.

Then we get to number Eleven who will most definitely get carded should he attempt to order shots of Jameson – and like all good brooding hipsters that is what he undoubtedly drinks.

On a recent Doctor Who Insider Karen Gillan says that the combo of childlike innocence and ancientness is what makes Eleven so interesting. That coupled with Alex Kingston’s reminder that the Doctor has been through more heartbreaking changes than ever made me realize that this Doctor is so young because that youth is essential to his emotional survival.
It’s almost as if the Doctor thought ‘Okay, that was way adult and dramatic. Let’s try some innocence and downgrade the emo a bit, shall we?’
What better way to take the seriousness down a few notches than to don a Fez? I’m not sure I can think of one.
I do think Eleven intended to come back for Amy in 5 minutes and I think he would have taken her with him, even at that young age. He was craving innocence and Amy’s innocent and alone. Yes, even adult police stripping Amy is innocent. Then there’s that dimensional crack in her bedroom, which is quite a nasty thing, mind you.
So, now I love Eleven. He’s of course, not my Doctor, but he’s won my affection.
In a short while I will hook up my psychic link to my brother, who will assuredly be eating fish fingers & custard with his daughter, & as a psychically linked nerdy fam we will watch Eleven in a Stetson.
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