Little by Little

I had a really great conversation today with a friend about feeling stuck. Feeling stuck was something I never understood until a few years ago. I was always a set them up & then knock them down kind of woman.

The more I learn about life and people the more I realize everyone goes muddles through their own mental quicksand at points in life. Heck, sometimes, it’s not even mental, as my friend pointed out. Life throws a lot on us that we must deal with.
I don’t believe there is a trick to life. In fact, I think the trick to life is realizing there isn’t a trick. What works for one person won’t work for everyone.
It’s a long haul – a long con, more accurately.
I know and understand that there are days where you feel like even the tiniest thing is insurmountable. Advice flows from everywhere – do the easiest things first, do the most difficult thing first, do the most important things first, do the unimportant thing first and so on and so forth. How about you just do something? Go with your gut. Go with your hands or your feet – whatever you are able to surmount that day. Do that. No matter how tiny it may be. It’s something.
If you’re in that place where you are drowning in metaphorical quicksand, then I imagine accomplishing anything is a plus and worthy of some praise on your part.
It doesn’t mean I think you should do one thing and then stop. Of course, you should cross that off your list and move onto the next. But try to not belittle yourself for what you have yet to do. That won’t get you anywhere except down.
I hate avoidance but by all means avoid comparing others accomplishments to your own. It doesn’t matter how accomplished people are. Every single person I know feels that they don’t measure up to someone else. They’re not where they believe they should be in life. They haven’t done enough – it’s as if they take their existence in a vacuum, excluding the external or out of their hands factors that have led their life where it is.
Your life is where it is and all you can do is take steps to keep it going.
Don’t take leaps, they usually result in backwards falls.
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