Get on Your Floor and Get Naked

I want you as vulnerable as possible.

As most of you know, I’m very much into secret architecture.
Well, at least what you think is secret.
It’s so interesting how we spend so much time trying to hide ourselves from the world and at the same time we fight the inner struggle to know ourselves.
This will sound very absurd to many of you and it will make a few of you blush, but trust me on this – no, check that. Trust yourself on this.
Take off your clothes and lay down on your floor.
That’s it. Just lay there.
Don’t do anything.
That’s probably the hardest part – to just be still with your raw self.
There’s nothing silly or sexual about what you are doing. You’re existing. You’re existing as you were made to exist.
See how long you can last being that vulnerable. The most amazing thing is there’s absolutely no one there for you to be vulnerable with but yourself. Sometimes I think that’s the greatest challenge, being completely naked, metaphorically, with oneself.
Give it a go and learn to like who you are. Journal about it, even. Honestly, if you can do this for 30 seconds every day that’s 30 more seconds of honesty than most people spend with themselves.
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