A Birthday Poem

For this girl of mine

We’ve been apart for so long

Invisible cord of flowers
From me to you
to her
(through your mirror)

To her & to her

Illustration by Bella Pilar

(through galactic geography)

And we’re not dying here
because my darling
we are forever
(like it or not)

A cord of steel
takes you from me to him
a recovery of light
(bearing angels)

We’ve been apart for so long

Hitch up your red
at sunshine’s high
and take the turn
into your mirror
at dusk’s blood tide

Reflections of things
I’ll never regret
In minutes, days, weeks
in an infinity of time
Of eleven things I am sure
by eleven things I am ruled

We’ve been apart for so long

Count three and four
burn a steel cord
of oleanders at a spring wake
Our marrow un-singed
Even if we are un-hinged.

Not stopping
because my darling
This fight is forever
(Hope eternal)

Through space bars
and ribbon dances
you still go
to her and to her
(and Others)

Through your mirror
into a dark twin
Into the light of angels.


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