Let It Get To You

No one can make you feel something you don’t want to feel.

How many times have we heard the sentence ‘Don’t let it get to you?’
I’ve said it to people, had it said to me, said it to myself and undoubtedly had it said about me to someone else.
If it gets to you that’s because it means something to you.
If someone says something that resonates with you then perhaps there’s truth in their words.

We shouldn’t deny how we feel about things, situations or people we love.

Denial has no truth.
Denial has no strength.
Denial has no grace.
In the end, denial is no shelter. It’s a grave.
Turning off your emotions isn’t bravery, it’s cowardice.

Moving forward is often a cloaked euphemism for running away.

The best thing we can do is fully experience our emotions and not hide from situations or people that bring them up.

It is only then that we can make reasoned decisions about directions we want to take.

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