Falling Skies – What happens when we don’t win

I’m a weird sort of girl. I’m a girlie girl but please don’t ever drag me to a romantic comedy. I’ll cut your hands off, if you do.


I’d much rather watch an action flick. Cue my excitement for TNT’s summer series Falling Skies: Aliens invasions FTW!

And well, that’s what does happen – the aliens invade and they win. They’ve been studying Earth for centuries and opted to bomb Will Smith’s house in their first attack.

I quite like the idea of Falling Skies – The story isn’t about the attacks, it’s about humanity and how we survive, or how we don’t. But didn’t I see the same story last summer? Wasn’t it called Walking Dead? I think so.

The premier of Falling Skies failed to captivate me as an original story, likely because the script and direction was throwing anvils out with the message “We’re telling the HUMAN side of thing. This is not an action show. This is not an alien show. This is a HUMAN show.” All that accomplished was me thinking ‘Wow, someone watching the Walking Dead and decided to try the same thing with aliens.’

Subtlety works best here. I didn’t need the hour of watching Noah Wyle’s son ride around on a hoverboard with a sweeping piano score to understand that gosh darn it – kids being kids is what it’s all about – kids give us hope blah blah blah.

Okay, so it wasn’t an hour but it felt like an hour – maybe two.

The show is capable of subtlety at other times. No one ever remarks about how horrific it is that 12 year olds are toting guns. There just are. We see them marching along with everyone else. We don’t need to be told it’s tragic – we know it’s tragic and we’re appropriately shocked & appalled.

What’s more appalling is that after a 2 hour premier and an hour long 2nd episode, I still have no clue what anyone’s name is except for Noah Wyle’s kidnapped son. His name is Ben. But I can’t tell you what Ben looks like, even though he’s been on screen.

What I can also tell you is that Falling Skies accomplished something the 90s failed to do – I now find Noah Wyle attractive!

Clearly, the creators do everything they can to make him enticing to chicks like me. In the 1st episode he picks up books!!! OMG SWOON!!! But they are boring common place books that every guy probably uses to trap a lesser chick. Maybe if he was packing some James Joyce then I could have properly swooned over the bookish military man instead of roll my eyes at the lame attempt by the writers to create a hipster heartthrob.

Make no mistake – Hipster Heartthrob created. I’m hooked.

He’s scruffy and is wearing fingerless gloves for goodness’ sakes! I bet in episode 3 he’ll be listening to the Strokes.

There is a decent amount of action in this show. So, if you don’t care about humanity and want to see an alien vs. human war, you’re covered.

Wyle & his cohorts kill an alien in the very first episode, awesome! This is totally rad because earlier the General said they don’t know how to kill the aliens. OMG! How cool! It’s even cooler because Wyle & cohorts are watching this thing die. They’ve got an entire alien body to take apart & inspect! Once they determine it’s biology they’ll learn how to win the war! Yay!

But ho hum, Wyle’s character was a history teacher (swoon!), not a biology teacher so he doesn’t deduce this little nugget of obviousness & tells his groupies ‘Let’s go.’

Someone on the writing staff must have watched Independence Day before writing the 2nd episode and Wyle again kills one of the supposed ‘unkillable’ aliens and this time remembers to drag it back to camp.

This show is supposed to make me feel for humanity but all it makes me feel so far is tired. There are a lot of relationships being built that I should be commenting on but I don’t care enough to mention them, not yet anyway.

Despite my boredom, I’m sticking with the show for a while. I love aliens and it’s summer so there’s hardly anything any television.

Also – as previously mentioned, I’m hooked on Noah Wyle.

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