Falling Skies – I’m totally in!


And not just for Noah Wyle.

In Episode 3: Grace, we discover people’s names! Hallelujah!! Moon Bloodgood’s character’s name is Annie, Anne Glass. She’s now cooler than she was before because her name is Annie.

Mike, name of former Boston PD w/harnessed son – Rick.
Hal – Wyle’s oldest son, who’s crush’s name is Karen.

Still don’t know the name of the new blond. Anyone?? She clearly has access to make-up. I recognize that Benefit That Gal glow anywhere.

Onto things that matter (besides people named Annie & the hot history teacher with a gun):

My brother was lamenting the stupidity of most alien invasion stories because the creatures are more intelligent than we are – Space travel for the win! – yet, all human interactions with said aliens portray the aliens as mindless creepy reptile insect things who don’t seem to have any sense of self or culture. They’ve an emotionless hive mentality.

*Note this does not include the uber-intelligent matriarchs from Alien or the military savvy, full of culture/art, ethically complex tribal system of the Predators. Don’t ask me to write an anthropological essay about the Predators, ’cause I’ll do it. No wait, ask me. Go ahead. Please. I need an excuse to write it.

It seemed with Falling Skies we were getting a recycled non-complex alien system but that perception completely changed with Grace.

Shortly after the surgeon, whose name I don’t know & whose name I don’t care to know, makes a rousing speech about how we shouldn’t try to communicate with the aliens because they are nothing but monsters, decides to taunt the captive alien with a dead alien. I’m failing to see how his brain went from ‘They’re just monsters’ to ‘They must care about each other so let’s taunt this guy with his dead friend!’ I’ll give the writers a pass & the whole in character logic is because this character is an idiot.

From his idiocy we learn the aliens are more than just ‘skitters,’ they have an emotional depth & sense of family/friendship. Upon seeing its dead kin the captive alien freaks out & starts beating his cage. Of course, perhaps he’s cursing out the dead alien for screwing his wife, who knows? Not us, because the aliens speak on two auditory levels, one of which our naked ears can’t hear. Either way – we’re not dealing with cultural-less creatures here. We’re dealing with complex emotions.

I’m thrilled about seeing this play out in a long term series. If Falling Skies is around long enough we may even get some alien perspective on the invasion – more than an alien talking through a child, but actual interaction. We’re given another clue to the alien social system when the captive requests to be killed. Your fellow aliens may be devastated at your death but they won’t hesitate to dole out justice-worse-than-death if you fail in a mission!

The show still has a lot to work out, however. We’re watching the second resistance but there’s been no invasion/resistance time line established. How long has Earth been occupied & how long has it been since the first resistance?

We’ll see what happens on Sunday, the previews look decent so let’s hope the show stays on this track.


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