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*Please note that I will reference the books in my reports on this show. I will let you know that I’m going to reference the books so if you intend on reading the books & don’t want to spoiled on the differences you can glance at the screen sideways for appropriate paragraphs.

HBO’s True Blood premiered two weeks with ‘She’s Not There.’ I was hesitant to watch it because I haven’t been pleased with much of Alan Ball’s treatment of the people of Louisiana & of Sookie, who’s supposed to be a heroine not a shivering waif who needs men to save her.

I also hated the treatment of the world of Faerie. It was all la di da & I half expected Claudine to show up looking like Disney’s Tinkerbell. Thankfully, that treatment was just a ruse & Ball is, well, on the ball.

Sookie never goes to Faerie in the books & I don’t like that she did on the show but eh, it works. Sookie’s introduced ‘Mab’ who’s an apparent replacement Sookie’s faerie cousin Breandan.
But the replacement that’s even more unsettling to this fan of the novels is Sookie’s grandfather. He’s been in the land of Faerie for 20 years. Eh?
Books Reference:
A major thread in the books & in Sookie herself is her relationship with her grandmother, Adele. Adele is the one who had an affair with a faery – Fintan. Finding out about her grandmother’s infidelity greatly affects Sookie & confuses her view of her grandmother & consequently her views of the world. She believes her grandmother to be as near to a saint as you can get.
I don’t know why Alan Ball decided to make this change but at the moment it seems unnecessary & silly.
/Book Reference.

Sookie is smart lady & knows not to eat any food from a alternate dimensions. It never turns out well…. well, except maybe once. So when Mab offers her fruit Sookie does her electrical ‘get-the-fuck-away-from-me’ power thing & blasts Mab onto her bum & we see that Faerieland is dying & dark & scary – though still quite pretty.

Lafayette – oh Lafayette – like everyone else I was happy you didn’t die at the end of season 1 like you do at the end of book 1 but now I’m just tired of you & want you off of my screen.

Tara – I never liked you. I like you less now. Go away.
Dear Alan Ball – Tara’s not a lesbian & she’s not bisexual. Making a character try the other side because they’ve been horrifically abused by men is insulting & I’m not even gay, but I’m insulted. Oh hell, why am I even mentioning this? You only put it in the story so you could show more boobs.

In an unrelated note, can I have Sookie’s blue dress from this episode?

I think for the secondary characters this season is about relationships. It’s about the meat of relationships, not the gooey falling love part but the staying together part, the what happens after part.

The best scene of the episode and possibly the show in general is the scene between Hoyt & Jessica in the kitchen. As a fan of the couple I was upset when I saw the fight thinking it was some cheap trick to break them up and then they both burst into laughter over their fight. In the end, I loved the fight. It was a real fight. Yes, okay, most couples don’t fight over the fact that one of them only drinks blood and the other doesn’t but I think we can all identify with the sentiment. I know these two are going to have a hard road in front of them but it’s always nice to see two people who aren’t just in love but are also friends.

In the book 4, Sookie’s love for her brother Jason is a big thread and we got that set up here. Although, Sookie’s ‘kidnapping’ gave us something we never get in the novels – we see that Jason loves her too. He tells her:

“It’s just having you back, it’s like the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life & I don’t want it to end.”

When you love someone and you thought they were dead, that’s how you react. That’s love & I adore that Ball gave us the gift of seeing it.

(For you book readers out there – She mentions Sid Matt Lancaster! Of course, we don’t get Sid Matt, we get Portia, which is fine & they did some perfect casting there with her.)

This season is set up to touch on a relationship that has so far been absent from the show but is a strong thread in the books – the vampire relationship with non supernatural humans. This means a very fantastic thing for the show – NAN FLANAGAN.

I couldn’t be happier to see a character return to a show.

Yes, the show has dealt with vampire ostrization in regards to extreme religious groups but it seems this season we’ll be getting to see the general socio-politics of living in a post-vampire world & how vampires & humans relate to one another.

How does a vampire reconcile being an animal with the layer of humanity that still exists underneath the desire to hunt and kill? I think we’re going to deal with that through Jessica and Eric this season.

Then there’s the desire to simply exist in modern society. We’ll get this from Nan and Bill and even Pam.

Vampires are animals, Pam’s a clear indicator of the animal nature of a vampire (children are yummy cupcakes to her) but she likes living in the modern world. She’ll sacrifice not sacrificing tiny tots in order to live a certain lifestyle.

To contrast this, it seems Sookie’s journey will be all about discoveries. She has to cope with being part faery, which she’ll learn isn’t as lame as she thinks & gets to discover a lot about a certain vampire.

So, now let’s see how long it takes me to wrap up my review of episode 2 (it’s halfway done) and then how long it takes me to review episode 3.

Procrastination The thing writers do best.


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