TV Report – True Blood – 4.2 – This damn thing is too belated for a witty title.

So in the first episode a bunch of stuff happened but the most important thing was Bill getting kinged.

Yes, I really said that.

I’m not sure there’s anyone out there that hated that revelation more than I did but in this episode We get to see one of the coolest things ever and I know I established this in my last post but…

Nan Flanagan people – Nan freakin’ Flanagan.

Her awesomeness means that Bill’s not actually king, Bill’s the same idiot pawn he is in the books. Color me happy and in love.

There’s not much I can say about Nan’s desire to modernize vampire society that I didn’t already say in my previous True Blood blog. I could continue to go on about how much I love Nan’s character but I’ll refrain, for now.

So, let’s talk about Saucy Sookie, as Eric calls her. Eric chalks it up to her accepting her fairy side. I chalk it u to Alan Ball finally realizing that Book Sookie is way more interesting than the shivering waif I’ve been watching on tv for past 3 years.

And yes, I’m a girl and I totally swooned at the random household gifts from Eric topped with red bows. Nod to the books & awwwwwwww.

Heeeeee!! Arlene & her devil baby!

Eric & Bill had a scene together but I have no idea what happened because I was busy staring at Alexander Skarsgard. I’ll I heard was ‘pretty, pretty, pretty, sexy, pretty, Pam, pretty, pretty, smolder, pretty.’

Shifters: Um, Luna had to pretend to be her mother. Um…. yeah, my brain can’t even go there because that means she had to…. yeah, no, brain preventing me from going there.

Lafayette: Yep, still don’t care.

Jason’s kidnapping is a bit different from in the books but it still happens and that’s good. However, I’m still pissed that Alan Ball turned the people of Hot Shot into meth heads so…. moving on to the next story…. Oh wait, except it’s totally hilarious when Jason tells Felton ‘Fuck you’ & then Felton says ‘I bet you my shotgun that you’re the one that’s about to get fucked here,’ because, well….. technically……

Like I said moving on:

Hoyt: ‘And I am clearly more of a Christian than you because I got love in my heart and you ain’t got nothing but hate.’


Pam: ‘You two love birds go on home & let these good people practice their constitutional rights to be fucking idiots.’


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