I adore words. When I’m trapped in writer’s block I make lists of words I like. Well, not really lists, as this activity often involves paint or chalk pastels and me haphazardly scrawling words onto a canvas.

Curve chare blend
move havoc go
engage track connect
I don’t particularly care for soft words – in fact, I highly dislike the word ‘soft.’
tart grace tin whip
trim turn kink pepper last
color claret cadaver 
I prefer words that have a hard sound – an edge.
guard plush chive pack matte cove
crave eat cord break stack wit abash
ginger latch hitch trait cavern
I like words that cut.
And you can read anything you want to in that statement.
velocity revolver enter jest lush
split chatter carve click
apt rapt trick witch 
crush lust hush
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