What you should be most thankful for


I am not talking about navel gazing narcissism here.

In the end of this material world you have one thing and that is You, just You.

There is no one else. No one else is going to save You and no one else is going to love You unconditionally.

It is up to You to love Yourself to the ends of the earth and back.

It is up to You to cherish each breath You take & rejoice in each step You make.

Embrace it all. Be thankful for it all.

Maybe You aren’t warm and glowy. Maybe you run hot and cold. But if you do I bet you have a fire that can burn down cities and ignite the world.

Harness that. Don’t cave in because someone might get burned.

Maybe You are shy and quiet. Remember that the greatest wisdom is usually spoken in a whisper and not with a megaphone.

Never feel awkward about who You are. Who You are is glorious.

I don’t care about the things You’ve done. I don’t care about Your dark past.

I care about what You can do. I care about Your potential and so should You.

Don’t burn out Your life with fear and regret.

Harness it, live it, and be grateful.

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