I swear…..

I went through this very odd ‘proper’ phase when I was in my tween & early teen years.

No one ever believes this story unless you knew me then.

I went through this Victorian phase. Long flowy skirts & roses. I don’t know what possessed me, probably Emma Thompson & Helena Bonham Carter.

I also did not curse. I tried to be as proper as possible – I wouldn’t even use contractions.
I would not even use contractions.

I watched too many Merchant Ivory films.

Then, at some point, I started swearing like a truck driver. I don’t know what happened – I blame my friends, especially my friend Caroline. She swore like 10 drunk truck drivers combined.

My mother has always said that when you swear frequently you show what a limited vocabulary you have. Someone on Twitter said the same thing and I think it’s very true – Sadly, I don’t pay enough attention to myself when I speak (or tweet) these days. I don’t believe I should go crazy overboard like I did when I was in my teens & be perfectly prim (that’s just pretentious) but I have a pretty extensive vocabulary. I should draw from it more often.

For a girl who loves Paul Ricoeur & Martin Heidegger I do a horrid job of making use of all of the lovely words that float around in the universe of the English language.

Because really – substituting ‘frak’ for ‘fuck’ doesn’t show my intelligence. It just shows that I watch Battlestar Galactica.

And I should also try to insult my brothers with more creative phrases than ‘YOUR FACE.’

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