Castle: Murder, Mystery & Glamazons


Castle Season 1 Promo

Last week I started watching Castle & due to suffering from the Plague of 2012, I managed to plow through all 4 seasons.

The show was clever in its first two seasons but now it is your average procedural crime drama.

At the start of the show there are real characters. These people have personalities. Castle is a snarky playboy writer who is captivated by the gorgeous but sensible Kate Beckett. She’s a smart and geeky homicide detective.

Beckett is often referred to as the best homicide detective people have ever seen – yet, as the show goes on she’s completely incapable of solving a crime without the assistance of mystery writer Castle. Not only does Kate Beckett lose her intelligence, she also loses her sense of self and turns into a male masturbatory character of the female cop.

Season 4

I wouldn’t have a problem with Kate’s glam hair or make up if she was always presented in this way. But she wasn’t. The difference between Season 1 Kate and Season 4 Kate is jarring. It takes you out of the story and makes it very clear that Castle is no longer about telling a great tale – it’s about showing great tail.

I have zero problem with women adopting the glam look. I do it myself. I’ve gone on archaeological digs with full on smokey eye make up – but I’m also wearing hiking boots & my hair is out of my face.  Kate Beckett shows up to crime scenes at 4am with that glam hair and she never bothers to pull it back while chasing after criminals.

I understand this is television and like I said, if I was asked to suspend disbelief from the get go that Beckett has some secret glam squad in her apartment that preps her for her investigations, then that would be okay. But that’s not the case. There’s even an episode in the early seasons where Beckett maligns this kind of portrayal of female cops.

What happened here is network producers think this is what the viewers want to see. What they fail to understand is that most of us aren’t interested in their cookie cutter concept of beauty. It’s not that Stana Katic (Beckett) doesn’t look stunning in season 4. She does. But she was ravishing in season 1, too. What’s more she was interesting. She looked like someone I wanted to know more about. I wanted to know her story. I’m not interested in asking season 4 Beckett anything – except for what hair products she uses.

The character of Kate Beckett has lost all sense of individuality and personalization.

Beckett isn’t the only one to suffer this character assassination. Castle is more of a parody than he was at the start of the show. I’m not even sure the character, or the producers, are aware that Rick Castle is supposed to be a writer. I don’t even think he writes anymore. He just helps poor incompetent Kate Beckett close her cases.

After all, the poor girl needs some help solving crime – she’s too busy curling her hair.

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