The Social Over-Share

Okay, so I had this big thing happen last night. A big thing that I can’t describe because it’s actually a bigger thing for other people but it still affects my life in one of those big super duper change of direction ways…

Confused? Yeah, me too, I’m not even sure what I’m on about anymore.

I tweeted about it – sort of.

It was less convoluted than the opening paragraph of this post, had I more than 140 characters I could have tweeted a giant convoluted tweet – which is essentially what I’m doing now….

“I just found out about something horribly life-altering. Going to crawl in a hole now.” 

I had to paraphrase the tweet because I deleted it around 5am this morning. I had this panic of “OMG I shouldn’t have said anything because it involves other people and even if it didn’t I don’t want to talk about it and SHIT I OVER-SHARED ON A SOCIAL NETWORK”

(Interjection – I received numerous calls/texts/emails/tweets/etc… of people offering support & love and I really wish you guys knew how much you mean to the heart of this 5’3″ redhead, because it’s like…. a really really really  big amount.)

There are those who consider any act of social networking to be over-sharing and I’m not one of them. That being said, I’m super private about putting my personal life on the internet. That’s because when I had a blog nearly a decade ago it was insanely personal and people I considered friends decided to create a blog making fun of me.

I found it really hard to write after that… and also to trust.

And also, these were adults. In their 20s.

And in the past few years I’ve had former friends be cattier than cats about me on social sites & it impacted my working environment. (One would think that adults would be like “hey is this true?” HAHAHAHAHAH One would be wrong.)

And even though this kind of behavior says more about the social bully than it does about me, I’m still very careful about what I tweet/write.

The internet gives us the unique opportunity to judge the fuck out of everyone.

And that’s sad because the internet also provides a sense of anonymity while still making you feel connected. After all, blogs started as public diaries. A way for you to scream out your joy and sorrow without actually screaming.  Social networking, before it was labeled such, was a place where people could come together and feel connected through mutual pain and glory.

So it should be okay that someone occasionally tweets about how they are overwhelmed but you’re often told not to do that because some might see it as attention whoring instead of what it actually is – the need to remove the stress from your body & mind.

It’s supposed to be bad personal PR to do this. Job sites advise against it because it may ‘make you look bad.’

Seriously, fuck that.


We get up in arms over people discriminating based on gender, sexual preference, social standing etc… but it’s perfectly acceptable to not hire someone for being human – and for having the gall to be human on their own time!

It’s just as ridiculous as guys who can’t accept the fact that girls pee. We’ve all met guys like that – you know the ones who have completely convinced themselves that all we do in there is powder our noses.

So I might over-share sometimes on Twitter and very likely here. Not because I need you to tell me I’m awesome (but please do tell me & frequently) but because I sometimes just need to vent and it’s nice to vent to people because it makes you feel connected.

And that’s human.

And that’s okay.

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