So… a lot of you are ugly.

The other day I posted that ‘the internet gives us the unique opportunity to judge the fuck out of everyone.’ It also gives us the chance to show our true colors to the world. Sadly, a great many of you are sporting lot of ugly colors.

Last week the news broke that Jason Russell, of Invisible Children & Kony 2012 fame was arrested for drunken public masturbation. Like most people who were aware of the shady behavior of the Invisible Children organization I initially snickered at this but then I found out that wasn’t what happened.

I’m not posting the videos from the incident here, you can easily find them elsewhere. The video doesn’t show Russell masturbating, the video shows Russell have a clear breakdown. And as fellow human beings our ONLY response should be one of compassion not one of laughter.

We should, in this moment, express light to this man and his family, not dark.

Jason Russell
wearing a Stop Kony t-shirt

We don’t yet know what caused his break – and by the by, mental illnesses are physical illnesses. It’s shameful the way we shun individuals who have no control over their actions. If this video was an elderly person with Alzheimer’s would any of you be so crass?

Maybe he is on meth, which is something that has been suggested. But until that is proven and not just gossiped about by people too insecure to love others as they would want someone to love them, I’ll reserve any kind of opinion other than compassion. I’ve read many comments from people saying that they will do the opposite – they will ridicule and defame until proven wrong.

Today is Sunday. I wonder how many of you went to a religious service and I wonder why none of you caught on fire when you entered sacred ground.

If it is due to illness people will continue to justify their behavior with a thousand ‘but he x so I can say whatever I want’ excuses.

We have a horrible blame the victim mentality in this culture. It is rabid and despicable. It is why children, people are committing suicide at such alarming rates. It is never the fault of the person dolling out the taunts, always the fault of the person on the receiving end, who must have somehow provoked it.

Last night I saw a trailer for the movie Bully. I couldn’t help but cry. Everyone one of those things happened to me. I was physically attacked several times in lunchrooms in middle school. Teachers did nothing. When my mother went to the principal she was told ‘well, you’re daughter does have odd looking eyes and maybe if she did something about that….’ My mother, of course, was livid. I really thought she was just going to go for the jugular of one of these woman and she said ‘Wait a minute, my daughter has a medical condition that affects her entire body and one day she might go blind and you’re telling me that it’s her fault that these kids beat her up?” The counselor & principal simply said ‘Well, we’re just trying to help….’

The fuck they were.

And I wish I could say it was isolated, but it’s not. My brothers have similar stories (they have the same condition) and there are countless other children, adults – human beings – out there with the same story.

For whatever reason, they are different from the Normals. Their challenges are different from the Normals. The way that they process challenges is different from the Normals. The Normals, who flock to versions of a God who’s highest commandment is love, find their highest ability to be shame. And when they are called on their shaming of the Others as being reprehensible they justify it en masse giving each other a societal pass for sin.

Well, I won’t give you one.

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