Let’s Just Be Honest – You Like Knowing You Could Break Her

I have a lot of half written blogs on our twisted culture of fat/thin but I thought I’d publish the blog that’s not about self-hate or about all of those girls I know with eating disorders.

I thought I’d start by talking about men and their horrible insecurities that cause them to want tiny women.
And let me say, I am a tiny woman myself so this post is not indicative of any deeply rooted jealousy for small women. Seriously, my bra band size is a 32. If I got any smaller I’d be invisible.
So often I hear men say they want a ‘petite’ girl. What does that mean? Well, usually someone who’s under 5’5 and about 90 pounds. 
Any adult under 100 pounds is malnourished. Actually, any adult under 110 is likely malnourished. 
I know what you’re thinking “Didn’t you just say you were a tiny person?” Indeed I did! But I am no longer 100 pounds, which I was last year. Thankfully I am finally putting on weight. “Why thankfully?” you ask. Well because when I was so small that my stomach was concave & my size 00s were falling off of my hips I was also in and out of the hospital because I have a potentially fatal illness and I was literally wasting away. 
“Nah, I don’t want a dying girl,” you say! 
Au contraire! 
If you want a girl whose stomach is so concave you can wrap your hand around the inside of her hipbone then yes! You too want to bang a dying girl!
Being that thin is not healthy. It is a sign of illness.
Karen Gillan is totally ready for you to break her.
She’s so excited about she’s got fairy lights!
FHM & Maxim magazines are full of this body type. It is important to remember that the camera really does add weight to the photographed body. So all of those women with jutting hipbones and collarbones are definitively thinner in real life. 
I’ve had the chance to see some celebrities in person and let me tell you, they look downright emaciated. I was so afraid to shake Rachel Weisz hand because I thought her arm might snap off at the elbow. (She is, however, amazingly gracious and awesome.)
I know many men want to trade sickly & emaciated for petite and thin or lithe and trim but that’s just repackaging the insecurity. 
Because let’s just be honest guys – you like knowing you could break her. 
You like knowing that you have power over someone. You like knowing that when she’s there in your arms & you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable, she is completely physically vulnerable. 
She’s all bone. Bone that you can snap.
The lure of the 90lb drunk girl is what made Girls Gone Wild so popular. We start out with a malnourished girl and then we up her vulnerability by drugging her. 
She’s so drunk she’ll do whatever you want and she’s so small that it really doesn’t matter if she thinks about protesting. And why would she? She knows you can break her and if she knows she doesn’t have a chance at fighting back, she probably won’t.
But here’s the thing guys – while the starving waif under you might make you feel a moment of empowerment, it’s just that – a moment. It won’t last. It will fade. What will last and what will make you feel empowered and validated is finding people in your life that relate to you on an intellectual level. Instead of wrapping yourselves around brittle bones, wrap yourselves around sharp minds. 
It is the sharpness of a mind that is truly sexy, not the sharpness of a jutting bone.
Having the power to break someone isn’t ever going to make you happy. Not in any way that counts. That kind of power doesn’t validate or heal.  
Validation comes from love and true love is born of equality, not power plays. 
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