Mad Men: Fat Betty – Why Hollywood sucks even more

If you watch Mad Men or if you’ve merely casually perused the internet for the past two weeks, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Fat Betty.

Previously on Mad Men:
Slim & Trim Wine-Toting Betty Draper

Previously, prim & slim former wife of Don Draper has gotten chunky. She eats Bugles (who can blame her?) while lounging on the couch in the a hideous polyester pink thing. She’s given up. She’s gotten divorced and although she’s now with a man who loves her unconditionally, unlike Don who couldn’t care less, she has lost all of her drive.

As the horrible pink housecoat indicates, she’s not the Betty we’ve come to loathe.

I don’t have a problem with this. I don’t mind that Betty’s going through something millions people face every day. Who she used to be didn’t work out for her. She was one thing – a young vibrant Versace model, and then she was another – the perfect wife, and neither of those things worked out for her. She was sold the dream of ‘if you behave this way then you will have it all.’ But having it all included having a philandering and emotionally abusive husband who called her a whore when she wore a bikini.

So now she eats her feelings and wonders what all of that perfection was for.

It could be an interesting story. It could go somewhere. It could represent the challenges women faced in the 60s – the challenges women still face today.

But the story doesn’t do that. The story will never do that. Because Mad Men takes a story about a moderately overweight woman and wants you to believe SHE WEIGHS A TON.

This is Fat Betty’s face.

The make-up job is painful and laughable. With all the money this show has in it’s budget one would think they could have done a better job here. I expect her to rip it off Mission Impossible-style and reveal Tom Cruise instead of January Jones.

When you stare at this face, you imagine someone who has a whole lotta girth goin’ on at the waist, right?

But see, you’d be wrong.

This is Fat Betty’s body.

Fat Betty is at max a size 12 – which means that Fat Betty is the same size as Marilyn Monroe.

Fat Betty is not actually fat.

Which means that the producers of Mad Men, for as much as they embraces the lusciousness that is Christina Hendricks, suck big time.

In fact, a size 12 is pushing it. She’s probably a size 10.

Mad Men could have dealt with the consequences of moderate weight gain realistically. It would be enough to drive someone as image obsessed as Betty to become addicted to diet pills, which is clearly a story that is in the pipeline. But instead by giving her the absurd chin-neck combo, they chose to be graceless and portray this woman as the fat cow who’s overeaten her own pasture & her neighbors too.

The producers want you, the viewer, to associate moderate weight gain with obesity.

I suppose they’ve succeeded at that but they have failed epically at being the progressive visionaries they hail themselves to be.

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