Country life

I know a lot of people feel rejuvenated and inspired by the country but I am not one of them.

I’ve been visiting family in the mountains of Virginia for nearly three weeks. I won’t deny the beauty and I am a lover of the trees that grow here, twisted gnarled and old.  I will always feel at home around this red earth but isolation stifles my creativity.

I am an introvert and I as such I require an exorbitant amount of alone time but I am also an observer of life. Life is full and rich and if I cannot experience that spectrum, even tangentially, I feel disconnected.

Of course there are books, music and film but nothing captures the pulse of experiencing diverse human interaction first-hand.

A lot of people do not like cities, especially New York because of the pulse – it’s too quick, too dirty, too overwhelming.  In some cases, I agree. I can only handle Times Square in small doses. But where else other than a city can you see the vast array of characters that the world has to offer?  It keeps me from getting lost in myself, which is far too easy to do.

The city gives me perspective – in just one city block there is great sadness and great joy – the city captures every iteration of life you can imagine. Cities are microcosms of humanity. I feel privileged to have experienced life in more than one city, privileged to have had the opportunity to experience the lives of people so uniquely different and yet so very much the same as my own.

This entry isn’t anything other than my longing to return to Brooklyn, hoping that by writing it I will capture some of the connection that I feel when I am there.

*This post is poorly named but ‘Country Life’ is the one I started with & I can’t think of a better one.

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