If You Only Care about Metrics, You’re Doing it Wrong.

Social media is turning corporate and that sucks.

Twitter’s rolling out brand profiles and throwing more and more promoted tweets at their uses. The landscape is becoming less and less about conversation and more and more about gimmicks.

I’ve heard rallying cries that people need business degrees in social media.

Okay this people – social media, media in general, is about CREATION. Sure, like anything, you can analyze it but in the end, it’s about intuitive engagement.

Social media is not about statistics. It’s about people.

If you don’t understand that go watch Mad Men & sex yourself up with Don Draper & get back to me.

In fact, last Sunday’s episode Freddy Rumsen made the very crucial statement about advertising

“It’s not math!”

Advertising is about connection. The internet is about connection.

You can plug data into charts and graphs but in the end people care about themselves. They want to know how you relate to them.

Social media levels the playing field with organizations and their target audiences. It allows you to create a camaraderie. Way back when, brand loyalty was built through friendship. It was built through trust. It wasn’t built by throwing charts and dollars at a product.

After all, it’s not called ‘metric media.’ It’s called ‘social media.’

I tweeted a while ago that you’re not supposed to say things like ‘maven’ on your resumes/cover letters anymore. It’s considered juvenile.

Frak that.

Because if you want me to replace it with ‘strategist’ well sure, I’m great at strategy but that’s not comprehensive. Strategy is only part of the whole. You must be vital, relatable – have personality, you know, be human.

It’s not that I think metrics aren’t important. They are. But trends are driven by emotional responses, not dollars and graphs.

The internet was built by dorks. People who messed around on Usenet in the early days and still troll Reddit. People who society shuns as ‘unpopular.’

It wasn’t built by people in suits who believe that business only happens in a high-rise office building.

Not that I don’t love a man in a suit, mind you.

The internet is now big business. Technology is big business. But the heart of those things will always be people with big ideas, emotions, a sense of independence and most often a sense of subverting the norm.

If you can’t see the interplay behind the numbers then you’re just flying blind and eventually you’re going to crash.

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