How Not to Hit on a Girl

I do not understand what is wrong with men and why so many of them find it so difficult to talk to a girl with respect.

At a party last night, I was chatted up in one of the most annoying ways and then when I expressed disinterest, I got compared to a dog.


First of all, he comes over to talk to me while I am on my phone. Now I don’t know what kind of world most guys live in but this is actually a common thing guys do! They interrupt your telephone conversations whether you are at a party, in a park or walking down the street because in guy world that is the best time to chat a girl up! She’s not doing anything important! She’s just in the middle of a conversation! Perfect time for her to devote all of her attention to you!

You're comparing me to a what?Perhaps in guy world using your telephone is the world-wide signal for ‘Talk to me!’ but in girl world and also in this thing called the real world, it means that person is busy or trying to look busy so that no one talks to them. And no, you are not so super special that this rule does not apply to you. It really doesn’t matter how cute you are. If you interrupt me during a conversation with someone else my first impression of you will not be good and your lack of respect for me will not endear me to respectfully converse with you.

I also had been having a pretty difficult night, the details of which I will explain in another post later this week. So, I was in less of a mood to deal with being hit on than I would have otherwise been. And I almost never in the mood to be hit on. I like making friends and talking to people but I have no patience for the fake small talk that stems from pre-mating rituals. I also don’t respond well to people just staring at my boobs.

Oh! This guy also gave me the condescending  ‘oh, so you’re not a really geek’  line when I said that I don’t really game.  I almost punched him in the face but then I might have broken on of my girly nails and hurt my delicate lady hands so I decided to write this blog instead.

About two minutes after I managed to escape the horrible conversation with this guy I encountered him again as I tried to exit the house. He was standing in the way of the open door, so I asked him to move, which he did. I peered around outside & couldn’t see my friend so I turned back around to go inside. He was still blocking the door, so I again said ‘Excuse me’ to which he responded “Just like my dog. Can’t decide whether she wants to be inside or outside.”

Guys, don’t ever compare a girl to a dog. Ever. Especially, if it’s a girl whose breasts you spent the past several minutes staring at.

I assumed the dog comparison was his attempted at throwing an insult my way since I wasn’t interested in his attempts at hitting on me. Though, he later told my friend he was trying to be funny.

Whatever his intentions were, I promptly told him ‘I am not a dog. Do not ever compare a lady to a dog again’ and then I walked away.

I could possibly understand this comment if I’d going in and out of the door several times but it was rather obvious I went outside to look for someone and then came right back when they weren’t there.

So here are a few tips if you want to hit on a girl:

1. Do not interrupt her when she is busy.

2. Whatever your ego tells you, you are not more interesting than whatever she is doing, especially if she is engaged in conversation.

3. It’s never funny to compare her to a dog.



  1. Sucks that you had to go through that.

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