What Do You Do When You Have to Tweet about Poo?

The answer is, you don’t.

Developing a social media strategy for a brand can be difficult even for a seasoned strategist. No matter your experience level, you should know that the first rule of promoting a brand on social media is that your posts need to be able a lifestyle first and a product second, if not third or fourth.

This concept is lost on whoever is behind Charmin’s Twitter account:

They later followed it up with this:

#TweetfromtheSeat is certainly a clever hashtag. It rhymes! It’s something we’ve all done!

But that doesn’t make it a smart brand strategy.

It is absolutely true that it is a strategy that will get people talking and it most certainly has. I am sure I am not the only person who will write about this. In fact, I was alerted to this fellow social media strategist and all around amazing lady, Janna O’Shea. Your goal when you are developing and executing a social strategy or any marketing effort, is not only to get people talking. It is to build trust. It is to build a relationship.

Talking about bathroom behavior might make the 5 year old in all of us giggle, but it’s not something that’s going to make me want to follow your account. How often do you really want to hear a stranger tell you the exact time they went to the bathroom?

I’m guessing the answer to that is never.

So what could the people behind Charmin’s social media have done? Well, they could have followed the first rule of social media that I mentioned earlier.

Think about the lifestyle of the people who use your product. Think outside the bowl.

For me, plotting a social media campaign is a bit like a free association word game. It’s a household product. So we can talk about other household products. From there, we go to ways to streamline your life and save time within the home. It’s used in the bathroom. Share photos of over the top luxurious bathroom. Share potty training tips. Share tips on how to clean a bathroom in under 5 minutes.

Think about what else goes on in the home. Do some market research if you need to and look at who buys your product and what appeals to them as people, not as people who poop.

Your social media campaign shouldn’t be one note and should be about more than your product. It needs to go beyond what your product does and be about the people who use your product.

And remember, just because your social strategy lands you on Buzzfeed, doesn’t mean it’s good for your brand.

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