1.4.14 – I Don’t Like Days Like Today.

I don’t like days like today. Days when I’m too sick to do much of anything. Days when I’m in too much pain to be productive. Days when nothing is accomplished.

buttons snuggly

Buttons doesn’t mind lounging the day away.

I’m not one for sitting around.

I like to multitask. For me, a relaxing day is not curling up in bed and watching TV. Sure, the thought of it sounds nice at times, but the thrall of that wears off rather quickly.

I think it’s that way for most people who are chronically ill. We spend enough forced time in bed/sitting that doing so hardly feels relaxing.

Vacations and time off are fraught with worry. We don’t have the luxury of “doing it tomorrow.” Tomorrow, we might not feel well enough to do anything. Tomorrow we might be so much pain that we need to take a muscle relaxant – for people like me, pills like that knock me out so I’m not good for anything if I take them.

Most chronic illnesses don’t follow a plan or a schedule. They are unpredictable. Sure, there are things you can do to cull the symptoms, but even if you follow guidelines to a tee, you aren’t guaranteed anything.

Today was a day meant for catching up on work from the holidays. Tomorrow was a day of being out an enjoying the weekend. Now, if I feel well enough tomorrow, I have to decide which to give up – work or enjoying the day with friends and family.

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