1.9.14 – A Smattering of Thoughts

We should have regrets, but we shouldn’t dwell on our mistakes.

We should laugh and be spontaneous but still hold onto what matters.

We should acknowledge that others have it worse and let that help us appreciate what we have.

We shouldn’t hide our creativity or our strengths.

Tonight's wine.

Tonight’s wine.

We shouldn’t let other people’s creativity or strengths make us feel that our strengths don’t matter. There’s enough room in this world for everyone’s abilities.

We should be more gracious in our interactions with one another.

We should be strong and recognize that living a good life and being there for others sometimes means we need to give up materialistic/fleeting things. That’s okay.

We should remember that who we are is good enough.

We should strive to be authentic in everything that we do. We won’t always succeed. That’s okay, as long as we strive to become better.

We should forgive ourselves for our mistakes.

We shouldn’t hold grudges.

When we’re wrong, we should say we’re sorry.

We should never assume.

We should remember that we are all connected.

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