1.20.14 – Mind Palaces and Dog Boots

There was no blog yesterday because a migraine interfered with my ability to be on the computer. The sad thing is, I felt that I had a lot to say yesterday, but today…. not so much. I feel like everything is stored in some file cabinet pushed to the very back of my brain and buried under copious amounts of unimportant papers.

I wish I could construct a mind palace. Well, I suppose I could construct one. Anyone can. But quite frankly, it seems like an exhaustive exercise. I’d rather just catalogue my knowledge in writing. Have any of you tried to create one?

Also – a question for dog owners out there. Buttons despises snow and I have heard from other Shiba Inu owners that boots often help this situation. The dogs hate them indoors but love them once they are outside. I bought Buttons a pair today but I couldn’t get them to fit right and he ended up kicking one of them off. Perhaps they are too big? But they don’t seem to be…. anyone have any advice?

So that’s it for today: Mind palaces and dog boots: ADVISE ME INTERNET!!!

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