1.22.14 – My New Favorite Productivity Tool

I am a bit productivity and office supply obsessed. I color code everything I can and if I can’t… I find a way. My brain needs to be visually stimulated in order to work optimally.

Image via Flickr user allthatimprobableblue

Image via Flickr user all that improbable blue

I also need music.

But I’m not talking about pop music or even my favorite music. I can’t listen to anything to which I have an emotional attachment when I’m working (unless I’m writing an emotional piece). I also can’t listen to anything too soothing. The music I listen to for yoga isn’t appropriate for work productivity.

Typically, I listen to classical music, but it doesn’t always hit my motivational sweet spot.

Then I found Focus@Will.

Focus@Will is a musical productivity tool. There are a variety of channels, from classical to ambient and even water. You can choose your channels and also your music tempo within each channel. That last part is really great because depending on my mood or the project on which I’m working, I require a different beat.

All channels are designed to maximize focus, concentration and flow. I’ve only been using this for a few days, but I’m already addicted and see the benefits.

Have any of you tried it? What kind of music do you listen to when you work?

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