2.5.14 There Will Never Be a Right Time.

I seem to write a lot about procrastination. I think it’s something with which we all battle. At one time or another we have all put off doing something.

Sometimes it’s the small things that we avoid doing, but other times, it’s the big things. It’s the life changing choices that we procrastinate on and create excuses for why we shouldn’t do them right now.

The truth is that the time will never be right. There is no “good time” to do something. The best time is always now.

Telling ourselves that the time isn’t right is simply a lie we tell ourselves (and others) so that we can stay in our comfort zone. It’s a lie we tell ourselves out of fear because we’re afraid of taking a chance, afraid of living.

I think we create more anxiety by procrastinating than we would if we just took that leap and did the things that matter to us.

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