2.23.14 – Write Through It

I’ve been remiss in my challenge to blog every day. I wish I could say that it’s been because I’ve been ill… but it’s really been because I’ve been depressed the past two days and thus avoided writing because I didn’t want discuss my depression…. this post won’t touch on that either, but I felt I owed it to myself to catalogue the blip in my ‘writing every day’ challenge.

It’s a stereotype that creative people need depression to write – that sorrow feeds the muse. I’ve never found that. I can’t write when I’m in the throes of sadness. Although, writing during those times is often the one thing that pulls me out of them.

I don’t even want to write today, but I’m forcing myself because part of the commitment I made at the beginning of the year was that I would write even if I did not feel like it – even if I felt too overwhelmed by life to put fingers to keyboard and words to screen – I would write no matter what.

For fellow writers, or simply fellow creatives, out there – how do you feed your creativity when you mind is trying to starve it?


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