Stop Being a List Tease and Be a Real Thought Leader.

(Disclaimer, I’m speaking generally here, there are some excellent resources out there but they are the rarity.)

If you spend anytime in the marketing blogosphere, you’ve encountered lists posts. Their titles look something like this:


  • 5 Surprising Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement.
  • 6 Amazing Ways to Use Social Media.
  • 9 Ways to Rock Twitter You’ve Never Tried.


Here’s the problem with all of these articles. There’s nothing surprising, amazing or untried about them. They say the same things as every other social media blog post out there. There is nothing new, nothing valuable – the latter part is hysterical because every single one of these posts includes the bullet point of “share valuable content.”

Lists Posts Have Their Place

I love lists posts. They are great snackable content and quite often, they are extremely valuable. But if your list post says the same thing as dozens of other blogs, possibly even on your own site, please don’t label them as “amazing” or “surprising.” They are neither. Label them what they are – tried and true, proven ways to market your business online.

There’s a market for the basics, so be honest and tell people that’s what you’re offering – the basics. Otherwise, you’re not being authentic, and we all know how much marketers love to tout authenticity.

Stop Being So Conventional

Like I said, there’s a market for the basics of internet marketing. But the blogging community doesn’t seem to be offering anything cutting edge these days. Everything is a repeat of the same basic information. Why are we only speaking to one market?

Where is the thought leadership? Where is the innovation? Where are the people with fresh ideas and new ways to leverage our connected world?

I love all of the fellow creatives I’ve met through the social marketing sphere. Everyone has great ideas. I see them in Twitter chats and in general conversations. But why aren’t we blogging about them? Why aren’t we digging our teeth in and gnawing at the meat of marketing?

Are we keeping those tricks to ourselves and not sharing? Maybe.

Or maybe we’re so focused on turning out clickbait headlines that include the word “surprising” that we’ve forgotten how to trailblaze.



  1. Amen! Not to mention that posts like that often take the attention away from more valuable posts. Clickbait distracts people from the better content in their feed.

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