3.6.14 – If It Doesn’t Work, Try Something Else.

Today, I am grateful for multiple creative outlets.

I was feeling burnt out creatively. Writing wasn’t coming naturally. I could have drowned my creative sorrows in television, a book or Candy Crush (level 462 will be the end of me!), but instead, I decided to try another mode of artistry.

I thought about pulling out my chalk pastels and getting really messy… but since I was experience a major blockage, I decided to get some help from one of my mandala coloring books. I usually save these for nighttime, when I’m trying to relax and let go of my day.

basket mandala


I must have been really desperate for some emotional grounding, because all of my colors were very earthy. When I started on the piece, I focused on the vases. I thought of clay pots and then the dark red clay earth of Virginia that I encountered on some of my first archaeological digs.

I did the inside last, using two shades of light brown. This combination made the pattern on the background look like a basket weave. That makes me feel very centered as well. My mother loves baskets and so when I think of them, I think of her. It’s a very calming and centered thought.

I’m still feeling a bit scattered, so I might do another piece tonight…. or maybe I’ll just draw some trees. Trees are always my “go-to” thing to draw.



  1. It’s beautiful!

  2. rosibroom says:

    This is really cool! What kind of markers are you using?

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