3.10.14 – Monday Mush

Oh man, today is a day of mushed brains – for me anyway.

I had food poisoning or a stomach bug or something last night. It was horribly inconvenient because it interfered with my ability to drink wine before bed. But at least whatever it was waited until after I finished watching the Walking Dead before it hit. Still, I had to wake up and write a review this morning, which was perhaps appropriate since I felt like a member of the undead.

I sort of feel like this half of the season is a zombie of sorts. The first half was amazing and this half even premiered with an incredible episode, but it’s been dragging its feet ever since. There are only 2 episodes left. I hope the writers have picked up the pace because from what I’m reading online, a lot of people don’t plan on coming back next season if this one doesn’t improve.

I worked on an article about venture capital over the weekend. That was fun. Despite working frequently with startups, I was rather uninformed about VC. But I learned a lot ghostwriting this article. That’s one of the main things that I love about what I do – I’m constantly learning. There is nothing mundane about my work. Even if I’m looking at metrics, I have to figure out the how and the why and then figure out how to make those metrics better.

I also saw this today:

I have mixed feelings about this – mixed being that I don’t know whether or burst into cheers or tears. The tears would be because, like most assertive women, I’m used to getting the bossy label.

If you’re assertive then you’re used to following up the bossy label with “but is what I said wrong?” And then you are used to hearing “you’re not wrong, but the way you said it is wrong” or the ever explanatory “it doesn’t matter if you were right.”


Oh okay world. Okay. Because being right doesn’t matter if you’re a woman. What matters is whether or not its your place to say something and whether or not the rest of the world feels comfortable with you saying it.

That’s a stupid.

My thoughts are this are currently also stupid, because, like I said, my brain is mush and possibly moosh today. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write something more coherent on the subject of bossy ladies tomorrow.


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