3.12.14 – Am I Avoiding This?

I am most definitely falling out of the habit of blogging every day. I could use some helpful tips for building the habit.

I’ve read a lot of blogs about habit building and such, most of them don’t really speak to me. I have a hard time blogging at the same time every day, which is often cited as one of the best ways to build a blogging habit. I write when I’m inspired and I’m not a fan of forcing inspiration to show up.

I feel like that’s really disrespecting the muse.

Then again, maybe I’m just giving myself an excuse not to blog and delve into the emotions that come with creativity. Emotion is very attached to all of my creative pursuits – even if I’m writing website copy for IT company. No matter the subject, the act of writing involves emotional recall. What’s more, creativity brings up the emotions I hide away, not the happier ones that I keep on the surface. Of course, the hidden emotions are the ones that I should be exploring so that I can move past them.

What say you readers? Do you believe in forcing inspiration to show up or do you leave creativity to its own devices?



  1. I do think the routine can become a form of security, in that you get used to the fact you’re going to be writing something, so you’re less likely to get avoidant. But that’s very much based on my experience of myself. And I also have a lot of difficulty establishing “same thing at same time of day” routines…

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