3.17.14 – Grateful Grief

This post might seem a little weird, but as this weekend marked the passing of my brother Jason (Jake), I thought intensely about the families of those aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

While I am not lucky to have lost my brother, I am lucky to have closure about his death. I know what happened to him. I know why. I was even blessed enough to have a goodbye conversation with him – something which so few people get to have with their loved ones.

My grief about his loss is immense. I cannot imagine what that grief would be like if I did not know what happened to him… if I was left wondering whether he was alive or not. The questions and horrors that must be racing through these people’s minds. It’s all made worse because their grief plays out it such a public way, with cameras thrust in their faces by reporters who have no regard for human suffering.

It’s not easy to find the gratefulness in grief, but I recognize that I’ve had closure on his passing and my heart goes out to those that do not yet have that closure, and may never experience it.

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