The Memories of a Mug

Memories Are Not Something that You Can Hold.

I’ve never been one for documenting my history in photographs. I prefer to archive my life in words.

I believe that the power of a memory is not visual or tangible. Instead a memory is how your mind has captured a particular moment.

I prefer collages to scrapbooks. They evoke the abstract experience of remembering. Memories rarely come with the clearness of a photograph, nor can a photograph completely convey the full story of a memory.

Yet, Objects are Powerful

Despite how I feel about photographs and memories, I do find that I cherish certain objects. They almost become like talisman to me. These items are few and usually jewelry, but there is one odd object that brings me memories of comfort and strength.

coffee cupIt’s a mug. A simple coffee mug.

It’s an old mug. Not much to look at. It has a bit of late 60s early 70s flare to it. I dug it out of storage many months ago. It doesn’t even remotely fit in with the rest of my dishware, but I was so gleeful when I found it boxed up.

I didn’t realize that how deeply I felt connected to it until this past Wednesday.

I was thinking about my mother’s birthday (which was yesterday, July 31) and it occurred to me why I love this mug so much.

Like most people, our kitchen was full of odd coffee cups that didn’t quite match our decor. In the midst of that mishmash, this was my mother’s favorite.

A mug might seem like an inconsequential thing, but I find that the small moments are the ones that hold the most value. After all, our lives are made of small moments more than they are comprised of milestones.

This mug represents a warm and loving space. It reminds me to keep that warm and loving space within my self. To be calm.

While the object itself isn’t important, the memories it evokes are.

Do you have any objects that bring up such memories for you?

(Also, Happy birthday mom!)

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