DIY: Doge Halloween Costume

halloween dogeEveryone loved Buttons’ doge inspired Halloween costume – well, everyone but Buttons. I thought I would share how I created the costume since many fellow shiba owners asked if they could steal the idea for their inu.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Shiba inu
  2. A harness, any type will do
  3. Card stock or doubled up printer paper.
  4. Large plastic coated paper clips
  5. Clear packing tape
  6. Comic Sans

You don’t want the font size to be too large because if the paper is too big, it’s difficult for it to stay upright. I used a 46 point font. Obviously, you need to go with comic sans for the full doge effect.

Make sure you use colors that are easy to see. Yellow is not your friend here.

Come up with some cute phrases. “Very scare” was the first one I thought of, “so spook” was the second. The rest are rather obvious. If you aren’t very familiar with the doge meme (which you can read about here), you’ll need to misspell some of the words. Google the meme or reference my photo for an idea of how to do it. Don’t forget to include the words “wow” and/or “amaze.” I had an “amaze” printed out, but I’d already attached all of the other words and didn’t want to include it on the same side as “wow.”

Print and cut out your words. Now you’re ready to attach them to the harness with paper clips.

I had contemplated using thin dowel rods to hold up the words, but I couldn’t figure out how to attach them without ruining the harness. Plus, that would make the costume really heavy. Nearly all shibas despise costumes, so it was important to me that I didn’t make him uncomfortable.

Which brings me the paper clips. You need to have the kind coated in plastic. Yes, shibas have a lot of fur, but the uncoated metal clips can be pretty sharp at the end and I did not want anything poking my little guy. Plus, the metal ones break easily.

Carefully unfold your paper clips, but leave the bottom untouched.

Carefully unfold your paper clips, but leave the bottom untouched.

Unfold your paper clips, but make sure you leave one loop at the bottom. You’ll use this to attach the clip to the harness. I taped two paper clips together to make sure that the words were high enough to be seen. Don’t use regular tape for this. Clear packing tape gives you the strength you need to hold the clips together.


Affix your word to the paper clip using clear packing tape.

Next, take a piece of tape slightly smaller than the word you want to use and affix it to the top back of the paper clip. Then attach the word onto the tape. Again, you need to use packing tape and not regular tape.

Slide the paper clip onto the harness strap.

Slide the paper clip onto the harness strap.

Once everything is secure, slide the bottom of the paper clip over the harness strap. I secured this even more by putting a piece of tape across the top and underside of the strap, covering both sides of the paper clip.

I can’t stress enough that you need to use clear packing tape. You don’t want to use anything that has a color because it interferes with the costume.

I attached the words directly to the front of his harness with the tape.

Now you’re done! Bribe your pup with cheese and put them in the harness. Then take adorable pictures as fast you can before your shiba runs away in anger or bites off your face.

halloween doge

That’s it! Happy Dogeoween!



  1. 🙂 Cute!

  2. I love it!!

  3. Doge <333 I should try this on my dog.
    -Lori /

  4. So cute!!



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