Sleepy Hollow Delivers Miracle Grow Demon Elixir

I’m a late comer to Sleepy Hollow and while I don’t find the show as captivating as others do, it’s mythological undertones make it perfect for me to review.

Last week, a spider crawled down Katrina’s throat, a scene which I’m sure has been haunting all of you. The show decided to further terrorize us with Katrina’s spider-induced dreams, where we again saw the offending arachnid crawl into her mouth.

Symbolically, spiders represent creation, feminine archetypes and entrapment. (I never realized how misogynistic spider symbolism was until I typed that sentence. Wow.)

This was a well-timed episode. We get a scene with Abby explaining how the voting process works. She reminds Crane, and the rest of us, how many died for our voting freedoms and how many of us squander that freedom and take those deaths for granted.

It’s pretty obvious to everyone at this point that Abraham isn’t as evil as we were lead to believe. He cares for Katrina and is just as disturbed by the spider dreamspinner as the rest of us.

Henry, Katrina and Ichabod’s son, is possibly more evil than we all guessed. He brings in demonic doctors to examine the effects of the spider on her body. We don’t get a diagnosis from the doctor, only that “everything is as expected.”

Katrina is clueless but Abraham is not. He begs Henry to “stay this madness.” That’s a rich statement coming from a headless man who works for the High Demon In Charge, Moloch.

When the doctors abscond with his beloved, Abe draws his sword, but Henry quickly dispatches him by opening a window. Like vampires, headless horseman burn in the light of day.

The concept that of the sun being good and the moon being bad has always bothered me. We all know that bad things happen in the day just as frequently as they do at night. I’d love to see a story turn that on its head and have demons only be allowed out during the day and terrified of moonlight.

Abraham does provide enough of a distraction for Katrina to run away. She makes it to the nearest gas station. I can’t imagine what those men thought seeing a woman clad in colonial clothes.

Ichabod and Abby track her down to the hospital. The doctor tells them that Katrina has a high fever and an infection in her abdominal wall. I wonder how you treat an arachnid infection? Pesticides? Oh, she also has black veins across her stomach. That’s not disturbing or anything.

Abby and Ichabod spring her from the hospital, but not before they find her a corset and tight jeans. This shows need to keep Ichabod and his wife clothing that reflects their origins annoys me to no end. We get it show. They are from the past. You don’t need to hit us over the head with it.

Katrina tells her husband about her spider induced dream, which included this image that represents the Hellfire Club:

hellfire club sleepy hollow

Sadly, this is not the Marvel’s Hellfire Club. The historic Hellfire Club was real and rumor has it that Ben Franklin was a member. As the Hellfire Club was a secret underground organization, no one really knows what went on there. Like most secret clubs, everyone assumes it involved demonic worship and lots and lots of sex in London’s Hellfire caves. I don’t know why all of these secret occult clubs didn’t join forces. Think of what they could’ve done if they combined their powers!

Ichabod reveals that Franklin wasn’t really into demonic kink. Instead, he was a spy trying to thwart the Hellfire’s evil plans. I really hope Franklin turns out to be the secret villain of this show. I’m so tired of Ichabod’s over-the-top reverence for him.

Because Ichabod believes everything is about him, he tells Katrina that her ailment is all his fault. When will he get a clue that his wife is a huge player in the apocalypse?

After some more investigation, they discover that Katrina isn’t sick. She’s pregnant with Moloch. Ichabod assumes his wife slept with Abraham, but he believes Katrina when she says that didn’t happen. Of course, we all know if it did happen that he’d still forgive her because he’s her doormat.

It was Henry’s doing though (ew, no not that way). He poisoned her with some miracle-grow demon elixir. Because he poisoned her, Henry is the only one who can undo the spell. Of course, Henry hates his parents, so it’s very likely that he’ll remove the demon.

Katrina doesn’t want to believe this. She thinks there is some way to reach whatever is left of her son’s human side. After she gives a big speech to Ichabod that their son can be saved, Abby has this reaction:

sleepy hollow deliverance 5

I’m with you Abby. I’m so with you.

It seems that Henry is their only hope. Ichabod is the one who reaches out to Henry. But of course, Henry is the evilest of evils, so our heroes are out of luck.

But wait! Ben Franklin wrote a secret code that will rescue them from the demon baby! This show needs a plot device other than Franklin’s secret codes. They discover a light, that when placed in front of the sun, will kill the demon baby. Oh, that scene with Abraham was foreshadowing! Sometimes this show is too cliche for me to handle.

The next scene surprises me. Abby tells the new captain the truth – some of it anyway. She tells her that there’s a doomsday cult in Sleepy Hollow. This is great because not only gets the police to help them, but it also provides a reason for Crane to participate in investigations. Everyone thinks he’s a criminal profiler “with an emphasis on acts of historical imitation,” which sounds like a really cool job.

Meanwhile, Katrina’s demon baby is ready to burst from her like an alien. Ichabod arrives just in time to burn the baby with sunlight. It’s a disturbing scene because it looks like the light is also killing Katrina. It doesn’t, however. It would’ve been brave of the show to off her. I’m disappointed they didn’t.

The episode closes with Ichabod and Abby worrying about the future. They know things will only get worse. What’s possibly worse than anything Moloch can throw at them, is Ichabod’s faith that he may still be able to save his son. I don’t want the show to do this. Sometimes it’s good when evil is grey, but it will be far too cliche for Henry to turn good and this show already has more cliches than it can handle.



  1. “stay this madness” is a homage to the exact same phrase said by Gandolf to Denethor (also played by John Noble) in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. It had to be intentional by the writers.

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