Some Thoughts on Political Hypocrisy

I realize that I do not get political on my blog (or my Facebook) very often. But I’ve really had it with the hypocrisy and the rampant spread of ignorance throughout politics, so I need to rant a little.

1. Everyone stop their default reaction when someone says something they don’t like.

When someone agrees with something a democrat says the response is always “You’re an Obama apologist and you hate America!!” Likewise, when someone agrees with a republican it’s “You’re ignorant and you don’t care about people!”

Even if those things are true (and they aren’t always), that’s not the way to address those issues. Instead, talk with people. Listen to them. Listen to why they believe what they believe. Share opinions and facts.

You’ll probably discover that everyone’s political opinions are complicated, including your own. Frequently, people say to me “I thought you were a republican?” or “I thought you were a democrat?” Nope, I’m an American.

2. Vote your interests.

Politicians lie. They count on us being uneducated. Be educated. Vote on the facts and vote on your interests. Do not vote based on party.

3. The constitution is a living document.

A living document is something meant to be edited, refined and even overhauled overtime.  Jefferson wanted this done every 20 years:

“”Every constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of 19 years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right.””

So if you’re clutching your pearls over someone wanting to alter the constitution, stop it. Things that were relevant generations ago may not be relevant today.

4. The second amendment does not grant you the right to live in a John Wayne movie.

Also, carrying a gun will not make your penis bigger. The purpose of the second amendment is so that a “well-regulated militia” can take up arms against a tyrannical government. A bunch of people strutting into a bar with guns holstered to their hips is not a well-regulated militia.

But it is how people get shot for texting in a movie theater.

Some people attempt to say that the 2nd amendment isn’t clear. What’s unclear about “well-regulated militia?” NOTHING. Facts matter. We don’t live in the wild west, you don’t need to carry a gun into a bar or into a McDonalds. Billy the Kid isn’t going to challenge you to a duel at sundown. If you think that’s going to happen, get some therapy.

5. Obamacare

The law is a mess and needs major reform.

But here’s what I know: I know that my brother would probably be alive today if the ACA had been in effect early last year. For the damage to his internal organs to be as bad as it was, he would’ve had to have been sick for quite some time. The night before he died, he didn’t want us to call 911, because he couldn’t afford it. He even screamed at us when we did.

He wasn’t a deadbeat. He was unemployed and actively looking for a job. He also had, just like I do, a dangerous genetic disease, which is what took his life. If he had health insurance, he would’ve gone to the doctor when he started feeling sick. He wouldn’t be dead.

When you say you don’t want universal healthcare, you are saying that you are comfortable with people dying just so that you can have a pittance more money in your pocket. You are saying that you didn’t want my brother to live. Again, facts.

On the same subject, if I didn’t have healthcare thanks to the ACA, I may not have survived the summer. I most certainly would have to be on disability because I wouldn’t have the medicines I need to function.

Because of the ACA, fewer people are on disability and more people can contribute to society. Contributing to society matters to me. I do not want a handout. Despite the fact that the majority of people with my illness are on disability, I have always resisted. I want to contribute to this country for as long as I can. I think disability should be an absolute last resort. It shouldn’t be a crutch. The ACA gives me the chance to participate in society.

6. Disability

What everyone needs to understand is that most people do not use it as a crutch. It is a last resort and going on disability can be a great source of depression for people.  Disabled people are marginalized enough. We already feel removed from society. Then we have politicians, friends and society in general who call people like us “takers” and “fakers.” We’re not. We’re real people who never asked for this and who would give anything to be healthy.

7. Stop saying you’ll move to “x” country

I can’t tell you the number of people who said they would move to Canada or England if the ACA went into effect. Again, this is why facts matter. Both of those countries have socialized medicine – and stricter gun laws.

8. Jesus wouldn’t think corporations were people, he’d want universal healthcare & he wouldn’t call anyone a “taker.”

This is the one argument that no one will ever win with me. I studied to be a religious anthropologist focusing on early Christianity. I *do* know more than you on this subject, unless you are also a religious scholar. (This is no different than saying a physicist knows more about physics.)

Politicians who advocate for corporations, deny people healthcare and demean the less fortunate do not have Christian values. End of story.

9. Democrats are in the pockets of big business, too.

Corporate influence is not a disease of the republican party. It’s a disease of politics. Almost everyone sells out. Democrats should stop touting that their party has moral superiority on this issue.

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