Regina Lizik is a freelance writer for The Daily Beast, The BarkPost and the geek culture website Nerd Bastards.  She has also written for The Gloss, Feminist Sonar and HerStoryArc. Previously, she reviewed iOS apps for The Unofficial Apple Weblog until the site’s shut down in early 2015.

An anthropologist at heart, Regina calls her approach to writing “pop-culture excavation” because she views every form of media and entertainment as an opportunity to explore culture and investigate the architecture of how we exist and identify ourselves within our personal and collective histories.

And sometimes she moonlights as a creative strategist for small businesses, building content and strategies for developers, financial and film companies and other consulting firms. As a ghost writer, her works appear on popular blogs and in monthly magazines.

Previously, Regina worked with high-profile institutions, like the Smithsonian and R.A.I.N.N. She also worked in development at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, establishing community and corporate partnerships – including working with high level brands like Theory, Sephora, Versace, Ann Taylor, SuperTrash, Pfizer, HP and Duane Reade, as well as local brands like Magnolia Bakery.  Additionally, she developed a social media based fundraiser that raised over $1 million in its inaugural year.

On this site, you will find socio-political musings, as well as reviews of tv shows, books and films through the lens of cultural anthropology. Regina also frequently writes her experiences living with a rare mitochondrial disorder in her Rebel Body series. Many of those blogs focus on debunking the myths associated with disabilities, including blindness.

You can follow her personal Twitter account @scarletregina and on Instagram @scarlettregina, where you will find plenty of pictures of her Shiba Inu, Buttons, who is famous on the internet.

If you would like Regina to write for you or give you strategic advice, please fill out the form below or send a tweet.

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