Our Country Is Not Its Symbols. Our Country Is Our Freedoms

It’s time we start getting honest about what really matters.


Marginalizing Half of the Population Is Making Society More Emotionally Fragile

This is what happens when we expect half of the workforce to be mice.

The Public Shaming Of Ronda Rousey Is Exactly Why People Don’t Talk About Suicide

We all know the story of Ronda Rousey losing her fight to Holly Holm. It was the defeat no one expected, least of all Ronda. But it happened. Defeats happen. They happen to everyone. So, when they happen we should move on and not them destroy us, right? That’s not how emotions work, at all. […]

Some Thoughts on Political Hypocrisy

I realize that I do not get political on my blog (or my Facebook) very often. But I’ve really had it with the hypocrisy and the rampant spread of ignorance throughout politics, so I need to rant a little. 1. Everyone stop their default reaction when someone says something they don’t like. When someone agrees […]

Keira Knightley, Boobs and Body Image

I’ve never cared for Keira Knightley much. We all have those famous people that we just don’t “get.” She’s one of mine. Maybe it was just that awful Pride and Prejudice movie, I don’t know. When I heard the buzz about her topless photoshoot I thought “Oh lord, here we go again. Another conventionally beautiful […]

Selfie: From Sexism to Ableism in One Week

Previously, I wrote about the extreme sexism and judgmental nature of the new sitcom Selfie. I’ve stayed with the show in the hopes that it will evolve into something more nuanced. The good news is that it has – at least on the sexism and judgment fronts. Unfortunately, in the third episode it devolved into […]

Selfie: My Fair Judgmental GenXer

Last month when I watched the pilot of the new sitcom Selfie, a reinterpretation of My Fair Lady that stars John Cho and Karen Gillan, I reserved my opinions. Pilot episodes are often clunky and lack the nuances of later episodes. Sadly, the second episode of Selfie proves that this show is all about women […]

Clearing Up Some Confusion About Service Dogs

There is so much confusion surrounding service dogs, their requirements, federal regulations, who can have one and what they actually do. This weekend, I am attending the Maryland Renaissance Festival, an event that I have attended nearly every year since I was 14. I was checking out their website yesterday and noticed their service dog […]

You Don’t Control My Breakfast

pumpkin pie

This is a very serious post, people. Very serious. We all know it’s terrible that politicians like Bloomberg try to control how much soda we drink, but what you have yet to realize is that people have been trying to control our eating habits since the dawn of time! That’s right! The dawn of time! […]

Just Keep Writing

The thing is, people will tell you that what you write about is wrong. People will tell you that you’re making things up or didn’t do research People will tell you that what you write about isn’t relevant. People will tell you that you said things you didn’t say.   People will tell you that […]