The Most Beautiful Hour of Television Aired Last Night

Most of you know that I love The Walking Dead. I don’t love it for its post-apocalyptic and supernatural tones, though they are a factor. I love it for what it reveals about human nature and how the storylines are merely a heightened reality reflective of modern day situations. Last night’s episode What Happened and What’s […]

Marauder’s Map Scarf Keeps You Magically Warm

Mauraders map scarf

I prefer to make subtle geek clothing statements rather than overt ones. I like this Marauder’s Map Scarf because people won’t notice what it is at first, especially if you wrap it all the way around your neck, which is what I do with my scarves. I know we still have a few weeks of […]

My Problem with the Female Thor

Marvel's Female Thor

Last week Marvel announced a new Thor comic unlike any other Thor comic. Thor would be a woman. First, Let’s Talk about What’s Not a Problem There was the typical rallying cry from sexist males (you know, the ones who preface everything with “I’m not a sexist but…”) raging that this genderswap was the greatest sin […]

This is Perfect for Word Nerds.

dictionary wallet

There are many different kinds of nerds and geeks in this world. For all of you word and book nerds,  this wallet is kind of a must-have. We’re living in an era where physical books will exist only in memories – and eventually they won’t even exist as that. For that reason, I really love anything […]

2.8.14 – Almost Forgot

I almost forgot to blog today. Been busy and hopefully, I’ll have some exciting things to talk about soon, but I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet in case things end up not panning out. Anyway, the Walking Dead midseason premiere is tomorrow night. I’m thrilled as punch that […]

Get Your Geek on, Twiggy Style

Ladies, did you know that this comic book inspired dress is on sale at Modcloth for roughly half off? Well, now you do. And men, you can grab this for your girl…. or yourself, I don’t know what you’re into and I’m not here to judge. Whether man or woman, I suggest going full on […]

Fake Geeks and Mean Geeks

There has been a lot of talk this year about Fake Geek Girls. That concept might not make sense to a lot of you who are not involved with geek culture, on or offline. I’ll break it down for you: The idea is that 99% of all girls in geek culture are fake. They are […]

Doctor Who?: Moffat’s asking the question

Stetsons are cool

  If you follow my Twitter feed or have ever discussed Doctor Who with me, you’ll know that I’m not a fan of the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who, or more to the point, not a fan of the Moffat era of Doctor Who. While all of the story ideas are excellent and in […]

How Not to Hit on a Girl

You're comparing me to a what?

I do not understand what is wrong with men and why so many of them find it so difficult to talk to a girl with respect. At a party last night, I was chatted up in one of the most annoying ways and then when I expressed disinterest, I got compared to a dog. Neat. […]

Comic books, disabilities and the path to humanity.

I don’t know why I’ve been writing about comic books so much lately. Sadly, I haven’t read one in quite some time but someone mentioned Madame Webb on io9 the other day and that made me think about diversity in fiction – both written and performed. I never see people like me on television or […]