Complaining About the “Stakes” in American Horror Story Probably Means You Don’t Understand Horror

The show’s unusual format doesn’t change the emotional investment.


Our Country Is Not Its Symbols. Our Country Is Our Freedoms

It’s time we start getting honest about what really matters.

Marginalizing Half of the Population Is Making Society More Emotionally Fragile

This is what happens when we expect half of the workforce to be mice.

Come On Service Dog Community, We’re Better Than This

By trying to protect each other, we’re becoming what we’re fighting against.

The Walking Dead Revealed The One Thing We Never Want To Talk About When It Comes To Faith

When does prayer become an excuse to hide from reality?

The Public Shaming Of Ronda Rousey Is Exactly Why People Don’t Talk About Suicide

We all know the story of Ronda Rousey losing her fight to Holly Holm. It was the defeat no one expected, least of all Ronda. But it happened. Defeats happen. They happen to everyone. So, when they happen we should move on and not them destroy us, right? That’s not how emotions work, at all. […]

Three Things Happen When You’re Honest On The Internet, Only One Of Them Is Good

I’m very honest on Twitter. There are many nights where I’ll tweet those dark moments I have when I’m thinking about my brother or my nephew. I’ll also grumble about my bad days, nothing major, just a general “can this day be over?” tweet. I’ve been doing that a few times on Facebook lately. The […]

Service Dogs In The City: Pooping In The Streets

Last week, Buttons and I went to NYC to visit my coworkers at BarkPost. I was very concerned that Buttons would be distracted by the city and by the office dogs. I was worried he wouldn’t be able to help me as much as I needed him to. I spoke with other service dog handlers […]

It’s The Little Things, Like Freaking TV Shows About Hackers

I do okay most days. Most days I’m fine and I don’t fall into the void of missing my brother. I miss him everyday, but I don’t get that very real pain in my heart where I feel like someone is stretching it apart. My brain doesn’t let that happen. My brain shuts the pain […]

This Is What I Can’t See

People frequently ask me what things I can see and what things I can’t. It can be a bit confusing because we tend to think of blindness as zero vision, but it’s not a zero sum game. I thought I’d explain things a bit. It’s a bit of a two parter. For a few hours […]