Complaining About the “Stakes” in American Horror Story Probably Means You Don’t Understand Horror

The show’s unusual format doesn’t change the emotional investment.


The Walking Dead Revealed The One Thing We Never Want To Talk About When It Comes To Faith

When does prayer become an excuse to hide from reality?

The Most Beautiful Hour of Television Aired Last Night

Most of you know that I love The Walking Dead. I don’t love it for its post-apocalyptic and supernatural tones, though they are a factor. I love it for what it reveals about human nature and how the storylines are merely a heightened reality reflective of modern day situations. Last night’s episode What Happened and What’s […]

Sleepy Hollow and Some Heartless Forshadowing

The villain of this season isn’t going to be Moloch. It’s going to be relationships – Ichabod’s unwillingness to let go of them and Abby’s unwillingness to hold on to those who can help her. Our witness and his witch start the episode pontificating on the meaning of love. After closeups of their pleading faces, […]

Sleepy Hollow Delivers Miracle Grow Demon Elixir

I’m a late comer to Sleepy Hollow and while I don’t find the show as captivating as others do, it’s mythological undertones make it perfect for me to review. Last week, a spider crawled down Katrina’s throat, a scene which I’m sure has been haunting all of you. The show decided to further terrorize us […]

Selfie: From Sexism to Ableism in One Week

Previously, I wrote about the extreme sexism and judgmental nature of the new sitcom Selfie. I’ve stayed with the show in the hopes that it will evolve into something more nuanced. The good news is that it has – at least on the sexism and judgment fronts. Unfortunately, in the third episode it devolved into […]

Selfie: My Fair Judgmental GenXer

Last month when I watched the pilot of the new sitcom Selfie, a reinterpretation of My Fair Lady that stars John Cho and Karen Gillan, I reserved my opinions. Pilot episodes are often clunky and lack the nuances of later episodes. Sadly, the second episode of Selfie proves that this show is all about women […]

Translating Sookie: From Self-Possessed Woman to Simpering Whiner

True Blood logo

HBO’s adaptation of Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries ended last night with a series finale that was just as disappointing, ridiculous and disjointed as the show itself. While Harris’ novels are not by any means high literature, they are loaded with political and feminist commentary, as well as what it means to cherish someone as […]

The Leftovers: Let’s Hope this Show Stays Interesting.

The leftovers

I haven’t shared my thoughts on this show since I wrote about the premiere. We’re six episodes in with the seventh airing tonight. Here’s what I think so far: There were a few working titles for this post. Most of them were some variation of “All of These People Are Horrible.” That’s not really true and […]

The Leftovers: Hellhounds, Cigarettes and Lost Souls

the leftovers

*This review is for the pilot episode of the Leftovers. I have yet to see the second installment, but expect that review soon. This Isn’t Typical. The Leftovers opens with a mother’s worst nightmare. She blinks and her child goes missing. You know you are supposed to feel something for the mother while she’s screaming […]