Come On Service Dog Community, We’re Better Than This

By trying to protect each other, we’re becoming what we’re fighting against.


Service Dogs In The City: Pooping In The Streets

Last week, Buttons and I went to NYC to visit my coworkers at BarkPost. I was very concerned that Buttons would be distracted by the city and by the office dogs. I was worried he wouldn’t be able to help me as much as I needed him to. I spoke with other service dog handlers […]

This Is What I Can’t See

People frequently ask me what things I can see and what things I can’t. It can be a bit confusing because we tend to think of blindness as zero vision, but it’s not a zero sum game. I thought I’d explain things a bit. It’s a bit of a two parter. For a few hours […]

Health Update: Vision and Current Status

Last week I went to the ophthalmologist.  The news was neither good nor bad. It was more informative than anything with some discussion on next steps to help my vision. My depth perception has become progressively worse over the past few years and deteriorated more quickly over the past year. Same with my peripheral vision. […]

Clearing Up Some Confusion About Service Dogs

There is so much confusion surrounding service dogs, their requirements, federal regulations, who can have one and what they actually do. This weekend, I am attending the Maryland Renaissance Festival, an event that I have attended nearly every year since I was 14. I was checking out their website yesterday and noticed their service dog […]

Where in the World Is ScarletRegina?

Unfortunately, I have not been traveling the world on amazing adventures like Carmen Sandiego.

2.19.14 – Don’t Ignore Your Body

listen to your body

My birthday is in 9 days. Internally, the back of my mind is casting a shadow on this event, because this time last year, my brother Jason was dying and none of us knew it. The doctors say that his aortic aneurysm was so small that if he’d had himself checked out, they would have […]

2.9.14 – Auras, not the spiritual kind.

I’ve been suffering from extreme visual aura lately. For those of you who don’t know, visual auras are associated with migraines and seizures. There are various types, mine tend to make things look as though they are filtered through a kaleidoscope or sometimes they are flashing lights, or transparent flickering black spots. Because of all […]

1.4.14 – I Don’t Like Days Like Today.

I don’t like days like today. Days when I’m too sick to do much of anything. Days when I’m in too much pain to be productive. Days when nothing is accomplished. I’m not one for sitting around. I like to multitask. For me, a relaxing day is not curling up in bed and watching TV. […]

Why Being Interesting Isn’t Always so Great.

I went to the eye doctor this week. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been and my current contacts (hard lenses) are about two years too old. I’ve never been to this doctor before. So, I was prepared for the onslaught of questions about my medical history. It’s never easy having to recount all […]