Ideas Aren’t Easy. Mind-Mapping Helps.

Long gone are the days where a writer can survive on one published article a month. There’s more competition in the world of magazines and the internet requires a constant stream of information. That means that if you want to survive as a writer, you need a constant stream of ideas, several a day. I’ve […]

Confession Time.

Hello. My name is Regina and I write for a living. Because of that fact, grammar oversights that seem small/silly when made by a non-writer leave burn marks on my immortal soul. This happens to all writers. These burn marks of shame are not hidden. They are eternally on display so that all may judge […]

How to Create an Editorial Calendar in Trello

Before you read this, have a look at my ‘What the Heck Is an Editorial Calendar‘ post. The internet has no shortage of editorial calendar templates. Most of them are in unwieldy spreadsheets, some of which are useful if you can manage to figure them out before you get frustrated and throw you computer out […]

Why You Need an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

Magnetic Calendar

One of the main things that I do for my clients is to create editorial calendars. When I tell people, clients or friends, about editorial calendars I usually receive a blank stare. They have no idea what they are or why anyone would need one. So here’s a primer for both individuals and businesses on […]

Stop Being a List Tease and Be a Real Thought Leader.

(Disclaimer, I’m speaking generally here, there are some excellent resources out there but they are the rarity.) If you spend anytime in the marketing blogosphere, you’ve encountered lists posts. Their titles look something like this:   5 Surprising Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement. 6 Amazing Ways to Use Social Media. 9 Ways to Rock […]

What Are Twitter Chats?

what are twitter chats

I’m surprised by how many Twitter users don’t know what Tweetchats are. I made a mention of them yesterday on my Twitter feed and several people inquired about them, so here’s the low-down about Twitter chats: How They Work: We all know what hashtags are on Twitter. They help us keep track of topics of […]

1.22.14 – My New Favorite Productivity Tool

I am a bit productivity and office supply obsessed. I color code everything I can and if I can’t… I find a way. My brain needs to be visually stimulated in order to work optimally. I also need music. But I’m not talking about pop music or even my favorite music. I can’t listen to […]

Why Do You Work? A Question to Ask When You Feel Unappreciated on the Job.

I once worked at a place where I felt very unappreciated. In fact, the majority of my coworkers felt unappreciated. That place had a culture of unappreciation. It was miserable. We were all miserable. I have a lot of friends in similar situations. It’s not that they don’t like what they do, it’s that they […]

What to Do with an Uninformed Social Media Client

Most of my clients are not social business savvy. Most of them do not have a personal Twitter account and if their brand has one, it doesn’t consist of conversations, only sales pitches. But the majority of them do have a personal Facebook and while their Facebook brand page is lacking, they at least have […]

What Do You Do When You Have to Tweet about Poo?

The answer is, you don’t. Developing a social media strategy for a brand can be difficult even for a seasoned strategist. No matter your experience level, you should know that the first rule of promoting a brand on social media is that your posts need to be able a lifestyle first and a product second, […]