Come On Service Dog Community, We’re Better Than This

By trying to protect each other, we’re becoming what we’re fighting against.


This Is What I Can’t See

People frequently ask me what things I can see and what things I can’t. It can be a bit confusing because we tend to think of blindness as zero vision, but it’s not a zero sum game. I thought I’d explain things a bit. It’s a bit of a two parter. For a few hours […]

Some Thoughts on Political Hypocrisy

I realize that I do not get political on my blog (or my Facebook) very often. But I’ve really had it with the hypocrisy and the rampant spread of ignorance throughout politics, so I need to rant a little. 1. Everyone stop their default reaction when someone says something they don’t like. When someone agrees […]

Comic books, disabilities and the path to humanity.

I don’t know why I’ve been writing about comic books so much lately. Sadly, I haven’t read one in quite some time but someone mentioned Madame Webb on io9 the other day and that made me think about diversity in fiction – both written and performed. I never see people like me on television or […]